"...Our little slice of Heaven"

Private Exclusive Luxury Resident Owned Resort
".....our little slice of Heaven"


Q. How big is the lake?
    A. Approximately 500 miles of shoreline, encompasses 22,000 acres.

Q. Why is it called Smith Mountain Lake?

    A. The mountain is named after two brothers who settled here in 1740, Daniel and Gideon Smith. It later became Smith Mountain Lake.

Q. Is the lake natural or man made?

    A. Man made by Appalachian Electric Power to produce hydro-electric power for the surrounding areas.

Q. When is the best time to fish?

    A. Fishing is good year round, but peak seasons are Spring and Fall.

Q. How far away is the biggest metropolitan area?

    A. Roanoke is 35 miles away (about 45 minutes). Roanoke has a major regional airport with direct service to many cities in the South East. Many people fly into Roanoke from around the World or as close as Atlanta and Denver.

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